[LAU] disabled onboard soundcard - uninstall drivers?

Erik Steffl steffl at tsoft.com
Fri Dec 5 00:51:27 EST 2008

Roger E wrote:
> Ludo Beckers wrote:
>> (Ubuntu Hardy)
>> Having problems with my new soundcard Audigy (Creative Soundblaster) 
>> with recording through the microphone. Playback for .wav, ogg, etc. 
>> works good.
>> I can't record in Sound Recorder nore Audacity nore use it with Skype.
>> The Volume Control is a mystery to me because there are too many 
>> strange meaningless names (LFE and "front end" and much more).

   SB live and audigy (AFAIK those are fairly similar in this regard,
only have experience with SB live) have horribly complicated and
undocumented mixers, you essentially never know what are they doing,
seems like everything changes everythings,

   searching the net provides some answers but theer's still lot of
playing around and trying involved,

   LFE is low frequency e?, i.e. subwoofer,

   Master only controls front speakers (plus center, don't remember),

   PCM: seems to control front speakers

   Surround: rear speakers (but does nothing)

   Center: is center (but does nothing)

   Synth: onboard synth (midi)

   Wave, WaveCenter, Wave LFE, Wave Surround: essentially same as the
ones without Wave in the name but different, they actually change volume

    SB Live Analog/Digital Output Jack: switches between digital and
analog output (off for analog?)

    Sigmatel 4-Speaker Stereo: not sure what this means exactly, it
changes what other controls do a bit, probably changes the card from
being 5.1 channel to be essentially 2 channel then splitting that into 4
channels for output

   Sigmatel Surround: not sure what this does

   The above of course depends on million other things, how you define
your alsa device etc.

   Ignore if audugy is actually significantly different :-)

>> I disabled the onboard soundcard in the BIOS, but read something on 
>> Google about disabling the drivers for it too might be a good idea.
>> How do I find which and where those drivers are? and does it make a 
>> difference uninstalling them?

   two options - if they are build into kernel you need to rebuild
kernel (unlikely with modern distros), otherwise just ignore, they will
most likely not be loaded (because the card is not there, it's just like
for 100s other cards that are not there), you can use lsmod to figure
out which modules are loaded,


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