[LAU] Audio Hardware Recommendations

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Sat Dec 6 13:21:05 EST 2008

> Depending upon what you consider to be "cheap," Edirol FA-101 is
> (firewire)
> is ironically cheaper (approx. ~$300) than UA-101 (usb, ~$450), although
> from what I read the UA has a much more elaborate routing capabilities.
> That
> being said, we have over dozen FA-101s in DISIS and they work perfectly
> with
> Linux (ffado), offer 10 i/o, 2 very good preamps, and MIDI. If you have a
> MBP you can run them without external power (they run off of the FW
> cable).

Forgot to mention, if I really had to nitpick regarding these, it would be
that the line outs are +4dB.


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