[LAU] best reverb...

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Tue Dec 9 12:15:34 EST 2008

Kevin Cosgrove:
>> Ray Rashif wrote:
>>> I like the C* Plate 2x2 - it sounds close to the quality of Pro Tools'
>>> reverb.
>> I wouldn't know if it's comparable to PT's verb, but I do like that one.
>> I use it on almost everything I record. It's especially nice for vocals.
> Nobody's mentioned Gverb yet?  I really like the flexibility I get
> with it and it sounds really good on everything I've used it on to
> date, that would be vox, drums & guitars.  All the other instruments

I second that. For me, at least, it has been easier to get a natural
sounding reverb out of gverb than freeverb.

Also check out Fons' version of gverb:
"This reverb is based on gverb by Juhana Sadeharju, but the code
(now C++) is entirely original. I added a second input for stereo
operation, and some code to prevent FP denormalisation.
This is a preliminary release, and this plugin will probably change
a lot in future versions."

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