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I just want to report my experience. Since several weeks now, I and a friend
of mine were searching for a software, or an utility on Linux, capable of
synchronizing our two computers.

We could synchronize the transport, but there were always some things
missing for the tempo...
So yesterday, we decided to try netjack. Here our config :

Two laptops connected via a router/switch with ethernet.
One laptop with a sound card the other, just nothing.

the laptop with a sound card was acting as the Master
the other was acting as the Slave.

On the Slave, you open a terminal and just  run jackd with the net backend :
$ jackd -R -d net
So on the master you run jackd with qjackctl like you do normally. Then you
open a terminal and run : $ jack_netsource -h   (the ip of the
slave machine)

That's all !! I couldn't imagine that it was so easy to use. And we played
severals hour without any deconnection.

Now I just have to sell my sound card :) !

By the way I would like to point up some things :

* I would like to test the --celt option. But I can't understand what the "N
bytes per period" option are.
* It seems that xruns on the master computer made some desynchronizations.
* On seq24, on the slave computer, I had to configure the option with "Jack
Transport" AND "Master JACK" ... a bit disapointing... We lost so much time
finding this very logical configuration.
* So the problem was seq24 on the slave machine was running at this own
tempo. If the master use 120BPM and the Slave 110, they are not
synchronized. But if you put 120 on both, it seems to be synchronized...
Well I think there is a bug in seq24 or something. I didn't try with other
softwares. But I have some doubt about the real tempo synchronization.

Thank you very much for this great apps that change our lives :)



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