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2008/12/10 <torbenh at gmx.de>

> On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 08:16:29AM +0100, Mysth-R wrote:
> > * I would like to test the --celt option. But I can't understand what the
> "N
> > bytes per period" option are.
> it tells celt to compress one period of data to N bytes.
> i use -c32 for internet connections generally. sounds ok.
> if you can cope with lower quality lower it and add more channels.
> be careful to not max out the link, because this will give you netxruns.
> using celt you will only hear a lot of them, but they degrade the
> quality.
> > * It seems that xruns on the master computer made some
> desynchronizations.
> oh... right this can happen.
> i need to think about how i can fix this.
> > * On seq24, on the slave computer, I had to configure the option with
> "Jack
> > Transport" AND "Master JACK" ... a bit disapointing... We lost so much
> time
> > finding this very logical configuration.
> sorry, i was not really clear about this.
> netjack only synchronizes the frame count. not the tempo information.
> So you need a Transport Master on both ends.
> The problem is that the slave transport is basically running in the
> future to compensate for the latency of the network link.
> I cant know of tempo changes ahead of time. So its mostly
> impossible, to add N frames, to beats:bars information.
> Tempo changes would at least become flakey.
Ok but If tempo on the master is 120 and tempo on the Slave is also 120,
should it be ok ? Would it be always synchronized after hours and hours of
rolling ?
Because for our needs, we don't want to change tempo while Jack is rolling.
Just fixe it at the begining and be sur that it will not be desynchronized
after 1 or 2 hours.Can you confirm this ?

> > * So the problem was seq24 on the slave machine was running at this own
> > tempo. If the master use 120BPM and the Slave 110, they are not
> > synchronized. But if you put 120 on both, it seems to be synchronized...
> > Well I think there is a bug in seq24 or something. I didn't try with
> other
> > softwares. But I have some doubt about the real tempo synchronization.
> as stated, it only synchronizes the framecount.
> netjack2 seems to do complete tempo synchronisation, but i dont know
> if its latency compensated. and i also had somebody reporting,
> that it just fails with an assert triggered.
> >
> > Thank you very much for this great apps that change our lives :)
> no problem.
> just spread the word. i still have the feeling, not many
> people are using it :S

Yes of course ! In fact, I think not so many people are knowing the
existence of this software. And perhaps those who know about it are a bit
scared, ... like me at the begining... Because in my mind I though about too
much difficulties ... how does it works ? is it easy to implement to use it
? In fact it was a bit obscur for me. But now I can affirm that it is very
very easy to use it. I think I will post a bit of documentation on LinuxMao,
the french Linux website.

> while there is obviously much use for it.
Is it possible to have more than one slave ? One master and several slave
trough local network or internet ?
By the way thank you for your precision about celt. It is not so clear in
your website.

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