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Fri Dec 12 17:22:15 EST 2008

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Ken Restivo wrote:
> Here are two short clips from last Friday night, of Linux being played live in a jazz-oriented context:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuKqzVDR4wA
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc5O-esJ8ko
> Bass (via fluidsynth) is left hand, Rhodes (fluidsynth going through CAPS amp simulator LADSPA plugin in ecasound) and AZR3 are right hand.
> The sound quality of the video isn't great, buit the Linux Laptop which is making all the keyboard and bass sounds, is clearly visible in the videos.
> What's that running on my screen?
> 1) Emacs (with the setlist and changes of the songs)
> 2) A couple rxvt's
> 3) Ion3 tiling window manager
> 4) Xclock so the drummer and I could keep track of our set length
> A lot of times I close the latop lid. But, when I leave it open, I'd like to have something more interesting showing on screen if it's going to be visible from the audience. Any ideas/suggestions as to what to run, that would be visually interesting, but not too CPU intensive?
> Thanks.
> -ken
Kool as always, Ken.  You are indeed the Bestivo.

What soundfont have you loaded into fluidsynth?  What recording device
did you use?

There appears to be some AGC pumping happening, so I'd mess with that -
probably turn it off if supported - to improve the dynamics of the next

I understand it's just illustrative, but still a pity that not all the
music's subtlety comes through.

How about running some nice big VU meters or some visualization app in a
xterm to produce a more kinetic display for the edification of your

Alternatively, a scrolling display of the MIDI events would be cool, no?

Gotta run...gig tonight at the local Buffalo Astronomical Association
club's holiday party.  A very eclectic mix on tap for the revelers
including my "professional" debut on soprano recorder (Greensleeves duet
with a dude who runs the Buff. State planetarium and another member on
guitar accompaniment)!

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