[LAU] Higher resolution video with sync'ed stereo audio

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Sun Dec 14 01:17:27 EST 2008

I was able to get the high-resolution video clip of Me and My Cronies, synced up with the high-resolution audio recorded on the Zoom H2, and both to upload to Vimeo.

They're here:


and here


Funny how the Zoom that they're recorded on is visible in the video, but neither were synced up or otherwise connected until I imported the tracks in Ardour.

So that'll solve the "AGC pumping" problem Frank noted. Sound quality is much nicer.

Vimeo is great, but there's one slight annoyance: uploading to it requires Flash, which I despise, and which doesn't work with the free Flash swfdec package in Debian.

Process used to sync the video to a Zoom H2 44.1/16 audio file:

1) mplayer -ao pcm:file=bad-audio.wav original-video.avi
2) mencoder -nosound -ovc copy -o muted-video.avi original-video.avi
3) Open an Ardour project and import the high-resolution WAV (from the Zoom) and the bad-audio.wav file.
4) Visually and aurally sync up the two audios-- easy at extreme +/- zoom levels.
5) Mute the "bad-audio" track.
6) Line up the start and end with the start and end of the "bad-audio" track (or use regions). Adjust the left/right panning to match that of the video if they're reversed (it was in this case).
7) Export the audio to highres-audio.wav (or regions).
8) lame -cbr 192 -m s -h highres-audio.wav
9) avimerge -o synced-video.avi -i muted-video.avi -p highres-audio.wav.mp3
10) mencoder synced-video.avi -o synced-video-small.avi -oac copy -ovc xvid -xvidopts bitrate=1500 (or do a two-pass version).
11) Find a machine with an Adobe Flash player, and upload the video to Vimeo.


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