[LAU] Desparately seeking: a gui-less DAW

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Dec 14 05:31:53 EST 2008

   Ecasound is good. Have been using it myself for years now.
   Yes the thought of syncing ecasound to MIDI is there. But the clock thing 
won't be here for a while. Which is a pity, I'm looking forward to it myself.
   BUT: The midi-sequencer midish is looking for a way. And that way would most 
certainly be put into an external application first. So you could probably 
just try to use it, when it's there.
   The idea is to translate MIDI clock to jack transport timing events. I don't 
know how this is coming along, but it's higher on the midish list, than 
MIDI-syncing is on ecasound's.
   If I said something wrong here, please do correct me. Kai, Alexandre?
   Kindest regards

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