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go music goemusic at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 15 02:22:42 EST 2008

I recently got a nanoKontrol and it works flawlessly with alsa. 
Configuration of the attribution of the knobs in 4 programmable scenes is done using a dedicated utility which (fortunately) runs under wine. The documentation says if you want to use the advanced configuration of the knobs, you need to install a special korg midi driver, but I do not see anything that does not work using just alsa (and wine for the programming) :)
It's a good compromise
The making/finishing looks quite cheap so imho do not expect to survive spilling beer on it.


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> Objet: Re: [LAU] small usb/midi controllers
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> Date: Lundi 15 Décembre 2008, 3h56
> I recently got an m-audio oxygen8 and a behringer bcf2000.
> they both
> work with alsa midi via usb, as simple as plugging them in,
> no
> configuration needed on my machine or the remote machine.
> The oxygen8 is about $100us new and has a two octave
> keyboard with
> large keys that have a nice feel, eight knobs, a
> spring-return
> pitch-bend wheel, and a mod wheel, and 6 midi transport
> control
> buttons, plus a midi out jack and a plug for a sustain
> pedal.
> The bcf2000 (should be about $200us) has 8 motorized
> continuous
> controller sliders, which send a cc when moved, and move
> when you send
> a cc to it. it also has 32 virtual knobs, eight accessable
> at a time,
> also settable via cc, with an led ring indicator on each,
> and a
> continuous turn knob, with multiple programmable settings
> for the
> rings (one looks like a good panning control, another
> volume, another
> trim maybe?). there are actually four groups of eight
> knobs,
> switchable with four buittons, and one group of knobs
> actually
> visible. each knob also doubles as a button that sends a
> note on/off
> on press/release (I think?) and has a pair of lit on/off
> buttons below
> it. Also there are some transport controls, learn
> functionality, and a
> number of factory presets for working with various daws. it
> also has
> plugs in the back for a sustain pedal and an expression
> pedal, a midi
> in, and two midi outs.
> The bcf2000 can do SO MUCH, I have had it for a month and
> have barely
> started looking into what it can do. It also broke on the
> way home
> when I first got it (I shoved it kind of ogrishly into an
> overpacked
> bike bag so I could bike it home), one of the fader buttons
> did not
> work. Then I moved to a new place, again shoving it kind of
> crudely
> into a bag for the move, and UNBROKE the damned thing, so
> now it is
> good as new. But it is a behringer, so I am treating it
> with kid
> gloves from here on.
> Both do exactly what they are designed to do, with minimum
> fuss (I
> have been writing custom software to use the bcf200 using
> preset 2
> "generic mixer" preset, and have not tried using
> it with ardour yet,
> though I did find instructions for doing so online - I
> would be
> tempted to just make a pd patch or midish script to convert
> the output
> of the bcf2000 to something existing software can use,
> rather than
> learn it's arcane preset loading and editing
> procedure).
> Some company also made some cheap very tiny controlers, a
> drum pad, a
> set of sliders, and a keyboard, each under $50 (though I
> don't know
> anything about durability or how well they work).
> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 4:30 PM, 
> <tfric at learnkanji.ca> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am interested in getting a midi controller with lots
> of knobs and sliders
> > for controlling soft synths, effects and my Roland
> Sonic Cell. The
> > keyboard I use doesn't have any controls but the
> keys (not even
> > pitch/modultation).
> >
> > I've been looking at the 2 octave keyboards from
> novation, m-audio,
> > behringer and roland specifically. I also like the
> korg nanoKontrol.
> >
> > Can anyone recomend something that works well with
> Alsa? Does anyone know
> > of any problems with using these through usb?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> >
> >
> >
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