[LAU] Compiling fst or dssi-vst under ubuntu 64 bit

Thomas Kuther gimpel at sonnenkinder.org
Mon Dec 15 08:02:24 EST 2008

On Mo, 15.12.08 13:46 axax <axax at email.it> wrote:

> The errors are:
> for dssi-vst (linker??)
> [...]
> dssi-vst-server-YxEjgb.o: In function `AudioThreadMain(void*)':
> dssi-vst-server.cpp:(.text+0x431): undefined reference to
> `__cxa_get_exception_ptr'
> dssi-vst-server-YxEjgb.o: In function `WinMain':
> dssi-vst-server.cpp:(.text+0x51dd): undefined reference to
> `__cxa_get_exception_ptr'

It looks like you are missing libstdc++, or its -devel package.

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