[LAU] The Drummer's "Gigsaw": 3d draft.

Philippe Hezaine philippe.hezaine at free.fr
Tue Dec 16 04:17:53 EST 2008

Philippe Hezaine a écrit :
> Here is the way:
> Open your lilypond's midi file in a sequencer.
> Change each track to a different number of channel, eg. Track One = 
> channel One, Track Two = channel Two...  etc...
> Save it.
> Run Mididings in a terminal.
> Re-open the resultant file in your sequencer.
> Change again the channels to 10.
> Save it.
> Et voilà!

Hi all,

I have an intuition. I'm pretty sure that all these operations can be 
written in one python script. But i'm not at all a dev. It's more within 
your reach than me. And perhaps there will be issues with the headers or 
the Control track on channel 1? I don't know. I'm just an intuitive sort.
Have fun.
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