[LAU] small usb/midi controllers

Simon W. Fielding s.fielding at wmcce.org
Tue Dec 16 05:39:42 EST 2008

> Subject: Re: [LAU] small usb/midi controllers
> Thanks for all the advice,
> I think I'll go with the Korg NanoKontrol for now unless I can find a
> cheap Oxygen 8. The Behringer bcf2000's overkill for me - I just need a
> few knobs for effects and synth parameters. If I'm going to spend that
> much I'd rather have a second keyboard than extra CC's.
> I found a good french site with a list of midi controls that work in
> linux:
> http://www.linuxmao.org/tikiwiki/tiki-
> index.php?page=Les+surfaces+de+contr%C3%B4le
> Les surface de controle fonctionnant sous Linux
> (liste non-exhaustive à compléter par vos expériences)
>     * Berhinger BFC et BRC 2000
>     * Evolution UC16
>     * Evolution UC33
>     * M-audio Oxygen 8
>     * M-audio Oxygen49 fonctionne sans probleme
>     * Novation Remote25
>     * Vestax VCI-100
>     * Korg NanoKontrol (éditeur testé sous wine et ubuntu, aucun
> problème)
>     * Akai MPD24
>     * KORG M3 reconnu en USB
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If it helps at all, I have a M-Audio Oxygen 49 which works fine. Also, a Korg Nanopad
which works perfectly well, except that you need to run the Korg Kontrol Editor in wine
to program the pad. Finally, tomorrow, I am collecting a Behringer UMA25S and I would
happy to let you know how that works in a day or two if it would be useful.

All of these are on FC8 with PlanetCCRMA and a 2.6.24 RT kernel.


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