[LAU] embedded devices for audio

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 17:50:53 EST 2008

hi everyone!

I'm *very* out of my league here, but I'm curious...

I've been looking around at busybox, uClibc et al, and was wondering
if anyone has tried to build an "embedded" device that supports some
Linux audio software.  For example, imagine taking a cheap/old pc,
equipping it with jack and a synthesizer of some sort (dssi?), and
taking it on a gig.  It would need to be an "instant on/instant off"
device.  I think this sort of project would be fun and would also be a
great use of old hardware, not to mention a real benefit for people
who gig regularly and need the random synth (and don't want to spend
the $ on hardware).

Of course, not being a programmer, there might be some major obvious
reason as to why it won't work that I'm not aware of.  What do you all
think?  Is this idea worth looking into?

Josh Lawrence

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