[LAU] The Drummer's Gigsaw: CHA-CHA-CHA patterns.

Philippe Hezaine philippe.hezaine at free.fr
Thu Dec 18 12:48:13 EST 2008

Hi all,

Here is the third notebook alone which contains some Cha-cha-cha patterns:


I get a move on, guys!

As you have been feeling, may be, i wasn't entirely confident with the
velocities yet, especially in the Reggae patterns. Now i'm sure 100%.
I'll update later.
As for me i write all the patterns from 64th up to 8th notes. But it's
really possible to use all the durations without an overlap of velocities.

The difficult thing is the volume of instruments between each other, in
others words the mix. If you use samples you can tweak each track, but
it will be a good thing to find a well balanced patterns in midi.
Any feedback on this?

And perhaps we can manage a friendly challenge of the "best patterns of
the month" on linux-audio? But who should be the maintainer? My English
isn't sure at all and i'm too busy for that.

Have fun.
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