[LAU] Fwd: circular ugen connections in supercollider

andy baxter andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk
Sun Dec 21 18:43:44 EST 2008

Justin Smith wrote:
> oops, meant to send this to the list
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> From: Justin Smith <noisesmith at gmail.com>
> Date: Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 1:08 PM
> Subject: Re: [LAU] circular ugen connections in supercollider
> To: andy baxter <andy at earthsong.free-online.co.uk>
> What you want is most likely a very short delay line from the second
> unit with a reader of that line at the input of the first. I am fairly
> certain that the delay has to be at least one audio chunk in length
> (even if sc lets you specify a shorter delay, it cannot do a shorter
> delay without infinite recursion issues).

Thanks - I've got it working. Code pasted below:

var b1=Buffer.alloc(s,s.sampleRate/10,1);
var b2=Buffer.alloc(s,s.sampleRate/10,1);
var imp=EnvGen.ar(Env.triangle(0.01,1));
var damping=0.0001;
//var mute=1-EnvGen.ar(Env.linen(0,0.04,0,1,'step'));
var sprGen,s1,s2,op;
var crossRes=250;
sprGen={arg impulse,konst;
    var harmPower=1;
    var nh=20;
    var spr;
    spr=Array.fill(nh,{ arg ind; var hAmp;

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