[LAU] Problem to compile xjadeo

Lilli Chiffon lilli.chiffon at free.fr
Mon Dec 22 12:37:16 EST 2008

Hi Robin thanks for your help

Robin Gareus a écrit :
> yes we know; that's why I added swscaler support almost a year ago.
> Alas, I did not have the time to add proper detection of it and there
> has not been a release since.
> it looks like you're just missing
>  `apt-get install libswscale-dev`
Ok i did it, it was not installed. I still have the same problem. Like
you asked in your previous message i dont have this line

#define HAVE_SWSCALE" into config.h so it failed.

> Tell me if you encouter more problems. You should also be able to build
> and install it automatically by calling sth. like:
>   `dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot` # in xjadeo's trunk/ folder.
>   `sudo dpkg -i ../xjadeo*deb`
> good luck,
> robin
P'tit louis

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