[LAU] which USB card with optical out?

Gregory Chang gychang at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 22 13:10:54 EST 2008

m crazy about clean 2 channel sound output to my high-end Pioneer setup
(yes, it is possible..., IMHO).

Under XP I was able to get it with foobar software playing my flac
files. I used TUrtleBeach Micro Advantage USB sound card with optical
output which gave a desired clean sound.

Now I have completely migrated to Linux (LinuxMint distro) format, but
the TBMA has no linux driver and sound has a annoying clicking sound
(like playing old LP).

Can any gurus recommend a USB card solution (<$100 if possible) with
optical output for the Linux format?

I have old Chaintech AV710 sound card with optical output that I may try
if someone can verify it will work also.

thanks in advance, Merry X-mas.

UCI Medical Center
Irvine, CA

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