[LAU] Cannot Find Video Stream (xjadeo)

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Dec 28 10:37:39 EST 2008

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Esben Stien wrote:
> Having real fun with video lately and we definitely need
> jack-video;). We also lack a graphics users list.
> I have problems with xjadeo.
> No matter what video I try to play, it always prints out: 
> Cannot find a video stream in file <filename>.

xjadeo is very limited on that account. It always takes the first video
stream it can find in the file.
You can patch xjadeo.c in line 755 or re-encode the file eg. with
`ffmpeg -i .. -map 1:0 ..`

> This even with the supplied test avi file or any file I throw at
> it. All files are playable in players, such as mplayer.

oops. that's bad then.
Maybe you're missing the w32codecs package and got a custom linked
mplayer?! - does ./ffplay from your FFmpeg-git play it?

What does `xjinfo xjadeo-example.avi` say?

and `ldd $(which xjadeo)`

> I have FFmpeg-GIT.

Where's that? I'm still stuck with svn for ffmpeg; but I guess the
source code is identical.

I just tested with all three of ffmpeg-svn ev16370, debian-lenny
(libavcodec1d) and debian-sid+marillat (libavcodec52) and can not
reproduce the problem.

To test with ffmpeg-svn without installing it I statically linked xjadeo
using gcc-4.3.2. see the log below.

> I've tried both xjadeo release and xjadeo-SVN. 

use the SVN.

..should that not work out, you can try fi. openmovieeditor.org or
lives.sf.net to synchronize video to jack.  However I'd like to get to
the bottom of this problem if you don't mind.


- -=-=-=-=-=


cd $SRC/svn/ffmpeg/
svn up # svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg/trunk

./configure --enable-x11grab  --enable-swscale  --enable-nonfree
- --enable-gpl --enable-postproc --enable-avfilter --enable-bzlib
- --enable-libdc1394  --enable-libdirac  --enable-libfaac
- --enable-libfaad  --enable-libmp3lame  --enable-libtheora
- --enable-libvorbis  --enable-libx264  --enable-libxvid  --enable-zlib


# gather ffmpeg compile flags from $SRC/svn/ffmpeg/*.pc
FFMPEGFLAGS=" -lz -lbz2 -lm -ldirac_decoder -ldirac_encoder -lfaac
- -lfaad -lmp3lame -lm -ltheora -logg -lvorbisenc -lvorbis -logg -lx264
- -lm -lxvidcore -ldc1394 -lraw1394    -ldl -ldl -lX11 -lXext"

cd $SRC/svn/xjadeo/
svn up # https://xjadeo.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xjadeo/trunk

./configure --with-ffmpegprefix=$SRC/svn/ffmpeg/
- --with-ffmpegldadd="$FFMPEGFLAGS" # --disable-qtgui

./src/xjadeo/xjadeo -V
  xjadeo version 0.4.5 svn-159 [ alsa-midi LASH ]
   compiled with LIBAVFORMAT_BUILD 0x341701 = 3413761
   displays: Xv X11/imlib2(RGBA32)

# start jackd
./src/xjadeo/xjadeo contrib/xjadeo-example.avi

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