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Renato Fabbri renato.fabbri at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 16:14:54 EST 2008

in case it helps, this are starting lv2 plugins using lv2-c++-tools from Lars:

svn co http://svn.assembla.com/svn/audioexperiments/lv2tutorial

and white/pink/brown (Brownian) noise:
svn co http://svn.assembla.com/svn/audioexperiments/lv2plugs

I apologise for the unpolished work, ongoing stuff... and i have to
write this list about some issues on these plugins...

Anyway, there i find there some straight forward reusable code.

o_o O O o_o

2008/12/28 Dragan Noveski <perodog at gmx.net>:
> Josep Andreu wrote:
>> On Sun, 28 Dec 2008 15:01:03 +0100
>> Dragan Noveski <perodog at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hi
>>> only the harmonizer...i still did not tried the midi trick explained in
>>> the README file, but with just running it in the jack-dssi-host and
>>> connecting to a mono voice track into ardour via insert gives a strange
>>> sound which is not satisfactory, since it sound clipped and not harmonized.
>> Oops ... my mistake ... I forget something .... try to updating the cvs :-)
>> Josep
> wow!
> this really is a fun now!
> thanks for the update...(i recompiled only the harmonizer now, thinking
> that in the other plugins nothing changed?)
> cheers,
> doc
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