[LAU] common music?

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Mon Dec 29 16:34:55 EST 2008


I may be wrong but it seems that CommonMusic is being replaced by
Grace (and/or GraceCL).  I have been using GraceCL on and off (I have
not run cm proper in a while but when I did I never experienced
You can get grace(cl) here:
but you need configured/compiled juce library in order to build it,
instructions are included in the grace package.

Oh and you can download a prebuilt binary of Grace and CM here (I
think this one is at version 3.x.x):

The package also shows you how to run cm as an inferior emacs process.

I suppose your segfaults are related to the lisp implementation you
use?  IIRC CM works best with SBCL.  But do not quote me on this, I
have not been following the development of CM in a long time.  So far
I run GraceCL on Ubuntu 7.xx and 8.xx and it was all good for me (mind
you, I have not tried any recent releases).

I realize that I am not being very helpful, I figured I raise my hand
as CM+ubuntu attracted my attention.
Perhaps people on cmdist will be able to help:


On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 2:25 AM, bernie arai <bernie.arai at gmail.com> wrote:
> is anyone using rick taube's common music on ubuntu?  i just get a
> segfault with no other info when i try to run cm.sh and the install
> notes don't offer any "when things go wrong" help... i have no idea
> what to try next.
> (trying to) use cm 2.10.0 on ubuntu hardy...
> thanks in advance
> bernie
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