[LAU] jackd capture problem

Andras Simon szajmi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 13:00:41 EST 2008

Hello List,

I'm trying to use rakarrack, and in the process I found that it
gets no input from line-in. (I use qjackctl to make the
appropriate connections.) It's probably not a mixer problem,
because I do hear what's coming in, it just doesn't seem to enter
jackd's world. This is further confirmed by connecting jackmeter
(http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~njh/jackmeter) to alsa_pcm/capture_1
and seeing no signals.

The soundcard is an old SB-something (lspci says: Multimedia
audio controller: Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI (rev 02)), and I didn't
have this problem with it in an older, Fedora 5 machine. The one
I'm using now is Fedora 7, qjackctl 0.2.20.

Any idea on what to check or try would be appreciated!


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