[LAU] disappointing experience with firewire

sh0099 sh0099 at gmx.de
Wed Dec 31 11:22:07 EST 2008

i think i read somewhere that the bad performance is related to some 
kernel-firewire implementation stuff... (as i understand this will not 
change too fast)

most of my problems with my saffire le have been related to irq sharing 
... but i had no hiss glitches ...

sorry that i can not help ...

Susanne Schneider schrieb:
> hi,
> this is no complaint (!) about anything, just to reflect over my 
> yesterday's exerience with a newly purchased Focusrite Saffire Pro10, 
> connected via Belkin PCMCIA Firewirecard to my Lenovo R61 - the FW Chip 
> in this Laptop is one of those crappy Ricoh parts, I tried this, too, 
> but as expected it just didn't work...
> So I compiled the ffado Release Candidate, afterwards compiled the 
> actual Jack 0.116.1 and finally got things running.
> Compared to my Lexicon Omega Studio USB Device the performance of that 
> FW assembly (don't want to blame a single device of that chain) just was 
> disappointing, already in idlemode without any clients open the 
> jackserver showed a workload of roughly 5% (128 frames/3 periods), while 
> my Lexicon produces between 0.5 to 1% (128 frames/2 periods).
> Opening Ardour and just replaying one of my sessions produced glitches 
> where only a strong hiss could be heard. (The session itself caused a 
> workload of less than 20%.) - I remember having had those hiss glitches 
> in my early days in 2005 with the MAudio Transit USB and Kernel 2.6.11 - 
> I never expected them coming back some day... *lol*
> I then had a look on my interrupts and had to notice the FW Card sharing 
> it's interrupt (no 16) with the Nwidia Graficscard - so I might have 
> found the culprit - or not? - I don't know... :-(((
> I tried to change the pci settings in the bios - no success.
> Now my question to those who also tried firewire audio: was it a success 
> story for you from the beginning or did anybody make similar experiences 
> and how did you proceed further?
> thanks for your attention
> Susanne
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