[LAU] ssh problem, with ubuntu realtime kernel

thomas fisher studio1 at commspeed.net
Tue Feb 5 10:14:55 EST 2008

On Tuesday 05 February 2008 01:54:13 Atte André Jensen wrote:
> Hi
> I recently switched to ubuntu (from debian) and for the most parts I'm
> doing ok. However when running the realtime kernel (that's part of
> ubuntu, I think I simply imstalled it by "apt-get install linux-image-rt
> linux-restricted-modules-rt") the computer completely freezes (not even
> accepting incomming ssh) when copying larger files with scp.
> Very small files are ok, just now it died on my with a 8M file.
> I'm running the ath_pci module from restricted modules for my wlan card,
> and the problem is not there when booting into the unpatched, regular
> ubuntu kernel.
> Anyone heard of something like this? Any solutions? Where to file a
> bugreport?

  What version of Ubuntu? Which kernel?  I am currently on 7.10 with the 32 
bit realtime smp kernel, no problems.
Hope this helps

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