[LAU] Live Performance Distro Guide

Benoit Rouits brouits at free.fr
Thu Feb 7 13:32:43 EST 2008

I have this laptop preformance problem, so my workaround is to:
- make a custom rc7.d runlevel which deactivate all background services
- deactivate cron by commenting out /etc/crontab
- suppress trackerd (by de-installing it)
- use evilwm instead of my standard gnome (to avoid memory overhead)
I have only 256MB of ram but this works this way on ubuntu
- Ben
Le jeudi 07 février 2008 à 13:11 -0500, Christian Delahousse a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> I was wondering if there was an in depth guide about linux
> distrobutions optimized for live music performance. So far, I haven't
> found much comparative info.
> I'm just looking for a good solution to use my laptop live for signal
> processing and use Max/MSP with a midi foot controller. The thing I'm
> worried about is my laptop's performance, so I'm avoiding bloated
> distros. I'll only be using this for live stuff, so I don't need any
> extra stuff.
> Thanks
> -Chris

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