[LAU] xrun killing: ubuntu realtime kernel, layla 3g card combining ADAT and analog i/o

Patrice bpatrice at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 7 20:17:35 EST 2008

Sean Corbett wrote:
>> I do not know if this page could explain your troubles (I'm not sure the
>> info is recent):
>> http://www.sound-man.co.uk/linuxaudio/kernel.html
> Thanks, that was very informative... it all seems to be *almost*
> related, but not quite.  A lot of the "multiple sound card problem"
> description seemed familiar, but my system is 32 bit, so I'm not sure
> how applicable that is.
> I have installed Alsa 1.0.16 and fixed some mistakes i made
> prioritizing the IRQ thread.  It seems much better (the biggest
> difference came when correctly getting the interrupt for my card set
> to real time), but i still get about 5 xruns per minute at 1024
> frames.
> cat /proc/interrupts tells me there are a couple of other devices on
> the same interrupt with my card... three in fact, two USB controllers
> and one ethernet controller... will that matter?  any way to change it
> if so?
> I'm starting to think I might be out of luck... Thanks again for the
> help though, this has all been very educational.
Your AMD dual-core is not 64 bit?

In my case, I have also an AMD dual-core (64) but I run 64Studio 32 bit 

Also, the fact that your soundcard shares an interrupts with other 
devices is (I think... correct me someone if I'm wrong) less than ideal.

Is it possible to try another PCI slot, thus giving its own IRQ to your 
Echo card?

Patrice Brousseau
bpatrice at sympatico.ca

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