[LAU] jack and flash (howto configure 2 soundcards for jack and non-jack ?)

Jürgen Schöneberg jschoeni at gmx.net
Mon Feb 11 13:05:24 EST 2008


I'm interested to do like you did:
> 'And a separate sound card: one for non-JACK ALSA apps, one for JACK apps.'

is there a howto available howto setup 2 soundcards, one for jack, one for 
non-jack ?

- how do I address 'jackd' to the soundcard I want?

- can I use alsaconf to configure 2 soundcards, or do I have to edit
  something like modules.conf manually?

thanks for some hints and your time....


On Monday 11 February 2008 00:10, Ken Restivo wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 10:05:16AM +1100, naysayer wrote:
> > just a quick one....
> >
> > i know this pops ups from time to time but....
> >
> > Has anyone worked out a neat way to get firefox (flash, youtube, real
> > audio, etc) working with Jack yet. i would love to have a situation where
> > i could have Jack running permanently but this is the one thing
> > preventing me.
> I use youtube-dl since I hate Flash and can't run it anyway (I'm on
> 64-bit).
> And a separate sound card: one for non-JACK ALSA apps, one for JACK apps.
> A Mac-based friend does a similar thing: he connects his expensive studio
> reference monitors to his Presonus Firebox for his ProTools stuff, and a
> pair of cheap computer speakers connected to his built-in sound card for
> his Safari/Firefox and iTunes/QuickTime stuff.
> I've been told there's a way to use jackplug in your .asoundrc to trick
> non-JACK apps into talking to JACK (by making them think that jackplug is
> the default ALSA soundcard), but I've never been able to get that working.
> If I'm very desparate to see some flash-based content, I fire up qemu
> running Windoze 98, and that lets me listen to people's MySpace pages or
> deal with annoying websites that just look like a big blank rectangle
> without Flash.
> Did I mention that I really hate Flash? I do indeed.
> -ken
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