[LAU] rme fireface 400 on debian?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Feb 12 03:28:42 EST 2008

Am Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008 schrieb Svend-Erik Madsen:
> What's all the fuzz about latency ?

I don't know. But most "fuzz-makers" become silent when you tell them that 
linux can breach the 5ms-latency-border. :-) Because most people of the 
outside-tech-world think that you need to have "zero latency" which 
translates to "10ms or less". So 5ms (even with my old on-board soundcard) 
really shuts them off.

> I use an RME Multiface and my setup has round 5ms latency also, and I
> can play my guitar together with all other instruments on the computer
> without any bad time feeling at all, and it's really only a problem when
> you use one or more outputs for monitoring, and your latency exceeds
> 10ms. But if I use my amp for monitoring during recording, my experience
> is that latency is no issue at all.

You might even be able to play through it up to 20ms latency, After that it 
gets difficult if you aren't a classical organist (these people are used to 
play with half a second of latency).

Doing live FOH mixing or playing keys/instruments on/through the computer 
really needs low latency, where "low" means 10ms or less.
For recording on the other hand you can use higher latencies because the good 
recording solutions can sync it up internally so that what you record gets 
aligned to what you (should) hear at that time. And with recording higher 
latencies gives you more cpu-cycles for disk-io...

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