[LAU] jack-rack/ realtime

Studio 32 32studio at live.com
Wed Feb 13 06:53:55 EST 2008


I'm struggling to get effects for my guitar using jack-rack. With or without jack-rack seems not to matter... same sound...

* qjackctl: seems to work ok.

* setup: 
- monitor
- priority = 0
- frames/ period = 64 
- interface = hw: 0,0
- Dither = none
- audio = duplex
- input/ output device = default


* JAck-rack: 
I just load a *.rack file.

* Jack-connect: 
system>>> jack-rack
jack-rack>>> system: playback

* I'm loading 2nd_seq in /etc/modules

* I put my guitar in Mic In.

How should I set the alsamixer settings? I can't put up the capture level in alsamixergui, is that normal?

Thanks in advance,


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