[LAU] rme fireface 400 on debian?

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Wed Feb 13 08:56:30 EST 2008

> To summarize: a total roundtrip latency (jdelay) of less than 100 frames 
> is achievable with firewire. A delta1010 has approx 180 frames (if I 
> remember correctly), so I guess firewire can be competitive.

Sounds great Pieter, I dont have the new schedule fully read, are you in 
Cologne at LAC?

 > What's all the fuzz about latency ?

I am one of the 'fuzz-makers' and happy to have a latency of little less 
then 3ms with 64 Studio distribution and RME PCMCIA Card. Granted, you 
might not need extreme latencys for recording external stuff and 
actually I turn up to 10ms or more for final mix down / rehearsal of a 
considerable amount of tracks to keep the hard disks happy.

But this is only one use of Linux Audio. I use laptop for audio 
synthesis in realtime and want the smallest latency possible and I am 
happy that now actually Midi is slower when the perceived audio latency. 
Play a computer software synth with a drum pad controller and you will 
experience it, any latency is to be avoided.

Although I use software synthesis for over a decade now, the trend to go 
all software synthesis still looks like a ridiculous idea to me but with 
that low latency the computers start to compete.



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media art + development

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