[LAU] music apps scripts

thomas fisher studio1 at commspeed.net
Thu Feb 14 12:13:12 EST 2008

On Thursday 14 February 2008 09:55:26 Simon Williams wrote:
> Studio 32 wrote:
> > This is a *.sh script I have now:
> >
> > #!/bin/sh
> >  qjackctl &
> >  sleep 2
> >  lash_panel &
> >  sleep 10
> >  jack-rack &
> >  ardour2 [session] &
> >  sleep 10
> >  hydrogen &
> >  exit
> This is one of the main things that's driving me nuts with Linux
> applications at the moment- why oh why oh why do so few programs handle
> resources properly. The main issue with practically everything is that
> some resource (hardware, daemon, network connection, etc) must be
> available when the application starts, and remain available until the
> application exits. Why can't these apps:
> 1. WAIT for the resource to be ready when starting (especially in the
> case of jack applications- don't die if jack's not around- it's probably
> being started right now- "you can't rush these things" "we only let you
> use it when it's ready").
> 2. Release the resource when it's not being actively used.
> 3. Support the resource becoming unavailable (primary example: I mount a
> filesystem over the network or wireless. If I want to disconnect from
> the network or go out of range, I have to stop all applications using
> the mount and unmount it otherwise everything dies horribly (and I still
> have to unmount and remount when the network connection comes back)).
> 4. Handle suspend-to-RAM sanely. I have to reload the module for my
> miniPCI wireless card, reload the module for my PCMCIA bluetooth card
> (though that rarely works- it just can't remain in the machine across a
> suspend cycle or it 'forgets' it's hardware address and ignores me until
> the next reboot), mute and unmute all channels on my soundcard and
> reload jack for some stupid reason.
> The most irritating thing was when I used to have to reload the module
> for my soundcard as well, which was plain stupid...
> I need to unload and reload the soundcard module to get sound again. But
> I can't unload the module because I have audio applications running
> (xmms, jack, or worse the flash plugin for firefox), and they've all
> locked the ****ing device, even if they aren't actually playing to it at
> the time. So I would have to kill all audio applications, unload the
> module, reload the module, and then reload the applications again. If
> you aren't playing to the damn card then release the device dammit! Or
> better yet, ALSA, don't kill off the device node if I want to remove the
> module.
> Thank goodness that I don't have to do that anymore.
> _______________________________________________
  Thanks Simon
  Sounds to me you have frustration over a real whip lashed system. Would you 
mind telling us what your sys is composed of { release and version; hardware; 
software }, what it is you are wanting to do, mod s  that you have done, 
etc. ?
Hope this helps

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