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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Fri Feb 15 18:44:43 EST 2008

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Oscar schrieb:

> Can you share your settings?? I'd love to give a try :)

Of course :-)

get Alsa Modular Synth and the recent version of CAPS then use this
patch in ams:


I made the samples using this patch but to make it sound like this one
needs to take some effort to set up the input. The patch reacts a little
unpredictable sometimes depending on the signal it gets. Both hardware
and software (alsamixer, input of the patch) settings are delicate. I
use a small phonic-mixer to plug my guitars in and a MAudio Audiophile
The most ipmortant module to get a decent basic sound is the compressor.
use a tool like qarecord or meterbridge to monitor the input and set it
to be loud enough and far enough from clipping then fiddle with the
compressor before you apply FX and distortion. The compressor is most
important for the sound. Before I inserted it, I only managed to have
the choice between a feeble, bleak clean sound and screeching blast.

The patch has two AMP-modules. mixing both is possible but even more
delicate if distortion is involved. for metal sounds it is easier to
send the signal  to one of the AMPs only.

> I absolutely back that: for 300E you get a hardware recording amp that
>> beats *any* softwaresolution.

Ill ask my neighbor richboy guitar player what gadgets he tested
recently, before I switched to ams I used a Zoom9000 that is OK for
practising and for FXed sounds with heavy flanger and the like but
misses the punch and dynamics I would expect from a guitar sound.
I also had quite good results with a modular system:

Ibanez distortion pedal --> H&K RedBox --> mixer(mic-in)--> 6 band
graphic EQ -->Line IN. Gave me everything between Killing Joke and
Slayer leads (not that great for good clean sounds though...)

best regards

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