[LAU] jack/alsa/libfreebob with Phase X24

Pieter Palmers pieterp at joow.be
Tue Feb 19 15:41:11 EST 2008

Steel Side wrote:
> Heya, been looking for some days now for a fix to my problem - no 
> application wants to output to my phase x24 fw soundcard.
> When i posted about it is was linked to this mailing list :)

do you mean "no application at all" or is it a more limited set (e.g. 
hydrogen only)?


>  From that i think it looks OK(but then I'm new to this), (except for 
> the warnings, i don't know where they are from, and google wouldn't 
> enlighten me)

The warnings are not important.

what does "jack_lsp" return?

> However, when starting hydrogen i get this up my face (when i select 
> JACK as output driver):
> Error starting audio driver
> Jack driver: cannot connect output port.

I suspect that this is an autoconnect issue. It's not really a 
jack/freebob issue, but is misbehavior of the application.

In case of hydrogen, try the following:
* click away the error dialogs
* go to file->preferences
* go to the "Audio System" tab
* unselect the "Connect to default output..." checkbox
* press ok
* restart hydrogen

Now go to qjackctl and manually connect the hydrogen ports to the 
soundcard ports.

This should work.


> Sorry if this message is bloated, but i believe in more information than 
> too little.

That's a respected attitude around here.



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