[LAU] isrc - possible with linux

mik mprims at skynet.be
Wed Feb 20 18:56:12 EST 2008

Atte André Jensen schreef:
> Hi
> I'm about to release a CD (made with linux) which is very 
> do-it-yourself'ish. When I'm delivering my audio to the CD-pressing 
> company, I was told that I should "put my isrc code into the audio". 
> Well I didn't receive this code yet, but I was told that this is 
> normally done by the company that does the master, but in this case 
> that's me...
> Since it'll cost me something that translates to about $150 to have the 
> CD-pressing company "put it into the audio", I'd obviously like to do it 
> myself. However I have no clue what-so-ever what this code is or does.
> Anyone knows if it's possible to do this with some linux tool?

it's the international standard recording code and afaik it is not 
in k3b you can add it by right clicking on the tracks.


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