[LAU] it aint easy being green

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 22:35:27 EST 2008

Hi Gene,

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 4:26 PM, Gene Poole <atonemusic at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi there Linux dudes....I hope you can help a super
>  green newbie...
>  I have been recording my entire life in the analog
>  domain and now I have decided to "Go Linux"...
>  I am clueless but determined and so far have been
>  advised that Jacklab as opposed to Ubuntu Studio due
>  to the low latency factor is the way to go

A reasonable decision. As you get more deeply into this you'll
eventually try other distro's once in awhile. The nice thing is you're
lot locked in.
>  I have avoided digital for this reason....I have tried
>  to record in another studio when there was latency and
>  it drove me nuts....
>  what do you guys suggest...I would be super
>  appreciative of any input...

Have you decided what your signal flow wants to look like? Is your
Vaio a laptop? Sorry but I'm not intimate with the whole Sony line. If
it's a laptop then you need to look at USB/1394 type interfaces. If
it's a desktop then you have lots of alternatives. I use RME
HDSP9652's. Nice cards with good Linux audio support. There are other
more simple cards that have great support also if you don't need so
many inputs and outputs.

What sort of pre-existing audio equipment do you need to tie in with?

>  I will be running a little Sony Vaio a few yeard
>  old...
>  I have to say this is an amzing place and you guys
>  should all be proud of your success at spreading Linux
>  I will do my bit here in Nashville USA..I am here from
>  NYC via Scotland....
>  peace,love and trust the Universe
>  gene

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