[LAU] [OT] Another problem with creative commons licenses [UPDATE]

Rob lau at kudla.org
Thu Feb 21 11:06:27 EST 2008

On Thursday 21 February 2008 09:27, Cesare Marilungo wrote:
> Moreover, I think that to be valid, the license should be specified
> at least in the id3 tags, and/or it should come with the download.

I agree with the id3v2 tag idea, though they're rarely used at 
present.  I seldom see them on tracks I download, and have only ever 
used id3v1 tags on my own original music and ripped tracks due to 
most of my hardware players not supporting v2.  (Obviously this is 
changing, though the majority of mp3 players (i.e. iPods) still don't 
support them.)  But unless you're distributing an entire album in one 
archive, I think putting the songs into archives with license files 
is too awkward.

Either way will prevent music spiders from serving up your music 
without licensing information, though.


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