[LAU] Yet another jack question

Miguel therevoltingx at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 14:20:01 EST 2008

Depending on your version of jack or qjackctl ALSA MIDI and JACK MIDI
application can communicate peacefully by going under Settings and under
midi driver selecting alsa seq or on the command line by using the
--midi=seq switch.
Now all your midi aware applications (regardless if it's Jack or Alsa) will
appear in the same tab.


On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 9:49 AM, M-.-n <nostromo at arkaos.net> wrote:

> After successfully implementing the audio connection of my tracker with
> jack, I'm not trying to have the midi part running. It seems fairely easy
> from what I got however I'm facing a connection problem to be able to test
> it properly:
> In qjackctl, the midi connection I create appears correctly in the midi
> tab.
> However, all synth I've tried (amSynth/rtsynth) create their midi input
> from
> alsa and the connection appears in the alsa tab without any apparent way
> of
> connecting my output to their input. Is that normal ? Is there really two
> 'categories' or midi connection and does that mean I should use alsa
> driver
> instead ? I was kind of liking the apparent audio/midi syncronisation jack
> was providing...
> If anyone knows of a synth that uses jack for midi, it'd be nice too
> Thanks
> Marc
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