[LAU] tool to seperate elements of a song

schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 09:50:23 EST 2008

Sebastian Tschöpel wrote:
>>> A musician can be trained to mentally separate the parts of an  
>>> orchestra; why could not a machine do the same ?
> @daemian
> There isn't just a big leap from machine to musician but also: You can
> focus on (not seperate) certain instruments to quasi-isolate the
> important part. Thats just a question of pratice. schoappied asked for a
> program to "switch off" certain instruments which i doubt even a
> conductor is able to do inside his brain.
> And when i said it's impossible, i thought of the possibilities that are
> currently available. You could be right: This hasn't to be impossible at
> all but imho under some strong assumptions:
> - we are able to collect and compute all the necessary information with
> our senses and brain to perform this "switch off" ( i doubt that )
> - we would learn what these information are
> - we could teach a machine to do that
> Thus, i think it would need a lot more, especially imagination :)
> @schoappied
> I forgot to ask: What do you want to do with the isolated tracks anyway?
> Maybe there's another work-around.
To say if a brain can do it, a machine can do it, is quit a degradation 
of the very complex organ of human that can let us experience this 
amazing world... Maybe you're sitting to much time behind your pc... ;)

I'm a guitarplayer and sometimes want to play a song of other 
musicians... Sometimes its hard to hear for example the exact 
guitarpart... Would be great if you can isolate that part and study 
it... But maybe that is asking for a whole different way of recording in 
a whole new filetype with a lot of Gb's....



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