[LAU] tool to seperate elements of a song

schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 10:17:45 EST 2008

Sebastian Tschöpel wrote:
> What kind of music? Do you currently have a certain song? How long do
> you play?
> 1st way: Try to find transcriptions (not tabs)
> 2nd way: Slow it down! E.g. use audacity to slow down the track while
> keeping the pitch (time-stretch)
> 3rd way: Use the space during the notes you can't recognize to add your
> personal note - that's what i do if it's not classical music.
I played for about 2,5 years, but didn't play the last two years, but I 
want to pick it up again. I'm studying for example street spirit (fade 
out) from radiohead. I know there're a lot of tabs, but I like to figure 
it out by myself.

What do you exactly mean by transcriptions and do you know good places 
where I can find them?

3rd way is a good advice... put something from yourself in the song ;)


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