[LAU] [ANN] Minicomputer 1.0 softwaresynthesizer released

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Mon Feb 25 02:27:08 EST 2008


> It looks to me like the GUI communicates with the synth-engine using OSC.

Yes, the parameters/messages are explained in the manual, hope its clear
enough, if not drop me a mail.

> If that's true, then someone who does not like the layout or look of 
 > the original GUI could build their own completely custom GUI for it!

Yep, the power of open source. Everything is there and documented!

> But trying to start miniEditor I get this:
> ./miniEditor: symbol lookup error: ./miniEditor: undefined symbol: 
> _ZN2Fl4lockEv
> Any idea what's happening? Compilation went fine, just some unrelated 
> warnings. I'm running Ubuntu Feisty, fltk 1.1.7.

I have to investigate but tested it on Ubuntu so it should work. A 1.1
update is due but I have to see when, preparing now for my gig at LAC.



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media art + development

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