[LAU] Going from window to linux

JiNN jinnproduction at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 20:52:38 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

   I have recently been thinking about going to linux on my DAW. I currently
use fruity loops and run a winxp pro sp2, with a bunch of VST.
There have been a couple of issues which made me try to seek another O/S for
my audio. Number one is that I like to run a lot of VST, and
I also like to have my project from sequencing to pre mastering all in one
project. This, of course means a lot of CPU since i try to do as much
as possible without rendering it to .wav and back, since this takes time,
especially for little changes when mixing. Another issue is the
windows 2gig ram application limit. I hit this a couple of times and was
left in a dead end as to what to do. Vista is probably out of the option
now since I hate how much garbage is in there and how much cpu it needs just
to run. So I am thinking to switching to linux, but would like to
ask a couple of question. If someone can spare a couple of minutes and pass
your opinion on these subjects/questions, i would appreciate it very much.

1) How is VST adaptors for linux? I was reading there a couple of them. Has
anyone had trouble with them?

2) I assume linux is a lot better with RAM than windows, and was curious if
there are any people who are on this list
   that actually switched over and could tell me if they really could "do" a
lot more in linux with the same hardware specs than in windows.
   Does linux have some sort of application RAM limit?

3) What is everyone's favority sequencer for linux? I know there are a
couple of them. Which one is your favorite?

4) I have never used linux before. Would it be better for me to install
linux first and after im comfortable try audio on it?

5) I assume there are DirectX adaptor also. Correct?

6) Audio drivers? I currently own the t.c. electronic konnekt8 audio
interface and going from whats on the website they
   dont have linux drivers? Could i use AISO4ALL? I used those drivers on
windows with no problems before, anyone have
   any problems with them on linux?

I guess this is all for now. There are many more questions which i have, but
i will do the research for those. If someone can also
point em to some good resources on the web on linux audio i would def
appreciate it.

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