[LAU] [ANN] jackmix 0.4.1 released

schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 07:59:47 EST 2008


This is what I get.
/jackmix-0.4.1# scons
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Configuring qt4muc...
Checking if the output of 'moc -v' contains 'Qt 4.' (cached) no
Checking if the output of 'moc4 -v' contains 'Qt 4.' (cached) no
Checking if the output of 'moc-qt4 -v' contains 'Qt 4.' (cached) no

Does it means that I don't have qt 2.4? How should I install that on 
Debian (what the exact name(s) of the packages)? What about lash-1, it 
isn't in the debian repo is it? This are the lash(es) I have:
- Linux Audio Session Handler (LASH) example clients
- Linux Audio Session Handler (LASH) documentation


Arnold Krille wrote:
> Just a quick note about a quick release:
> JackMix 0.4.1 is out!
> Get it from http://www.arnoldarts.de/drupal/?q=JackMix%3Aintro or directly via 
> http://www.arnoldarts.de/drupal/files/downloads/jackmix/jackmix-0.4.1.tar.gz
> This is "only" a buildsystem release. But now it should work. The detection of 
> the qt-specific compilers (moc/uic/rcc) should not be a problem anymore. 
> Building also got easier, it is just calling "scons" and watch for everything 
> to happen by itself. Except for installation. You currently have to copy the 
> binary by hand to your destination of choice. But its only that binary that 
> is needed.
> For those who don't know (and don't want to look at the above mentioned 
> website), JackMix is a small but powerful mixer for jack, featuring a 
> configurable number of inputs and outputs, providing a NxM mixing-matrix and 
> allowing to combine these mixing-nodes into bigger ones with other controls. 
> So you can combine some nodes to become for example a 2in-2out stereo node.
> Its hard to explain, look at it for yourself...
> Probably some of my other pets will also see a minor-release the next days 
> with the same changes to the buildsystem, so if you run into any problems, 
> just let me know!
> Have fun,
> Arnold
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