[LAU] Going from window to linux

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Feb 28 09:53:50 EST 2008

Brett McCoy wrote:
> How well does Reaper run under Wine? If I could use Reaper under for
> the purposes of using, say, Classik Studio Reverb or BFD or Amplitube,
> it would be great! Is it possible to synch Ardour with Reaper?
Both Reaper and Ardour support MTC, so on paper it's possible. I'll put 
it on my ever-lengthening list of things to check out. :)

I'll refer you to the Reaper forum for a variety of answers to the 
Reaper/Wine question. I don't use Reaper very often (I prefer Ardour 
anyway), but two of my students use it for their lessons. It's performed 
perfectly here, the kids had no idea it was running under an emulator.



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