[LAU] masterging with ardour

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Feb 29 07:44:48 EST 2008

Atte André Jensen wrote:
> Hi
> I'm about to release "an actual CD" made only with linux tools. For the 
> mastering I lined up all "tunes" in ardour on on each track, and set the 
> locations for each tune.
> I read this: http://www.ardour.org/files/manual/ch-exporting.html and it 
> suggests that I leave a 2 seconds space before the "first modulation" 
> (what ever that is), which made me align like this: 
> http://atte.dk/download/ardour.png.
> When I export (with toc) and burn using "cdrdao write modlys.wav.cue" 
> the CD plays just fine, but (and this is the whole point of this mail) 
> when I rip it again with cdparanoia I get a silent track00 that lasts 2 
> seconds. Obviously I'm not interested in this this behavior on my final 
> CD, and am wondering what I did wrong. Any thoughts?
in the screenshot everything looks ok. now you have to check the
locations window, and than to define the range (with the range tool)
which begins at 00:00 and ends at the and of the last song. than export
should work than.


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