[LAU] [ANN] jackmix 0.4.1 released

Salvatore Di Pietro salvuz_78 at virgilio.it
Fri Feb 29 12:43:56 EST 2008

Arnold Krille wrote:

> Hehe, well, I can't think of every possibility for directories where the qt 
> stuff might be. Okay, I could use the lib-path pkg-config returns. But I 
> don't know wether pkg-config finds qt if its installed in that place, without 
> modification of the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable...

Ok, I have tried to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH to 
/opt/qt-4.3.2/lib/pkgconfig first, as below.
(and PATH stuff, too...)

>> qt-specific stuff.
>> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'SourceFileScanner':
>>    File "/tmp/package-scons/usr//lib/scons/SCons/Script/__init__.py",
>> line 1103:
>>      None
> <snip>
>>      SCons.Tool.SourceFileScanner.add_scanner( '.cpp',
>> SCons.Scanner.Scanner( uic_scanner, skeys=[".h"], recursive=1 ) )
>> salvuz at slack11-sal:~/tmp/jackmix-0.4.1$
> This is interesting. Which version of scons and python are you using?

I upgraded scons to 0.97 from 0.96.1 (Python is 2.4.3) and it seems to 
be better.
But still...

salvuz at slack11-sal:~/tmp/jackmix-0.4.1$ 
salvuz at slack11-sal:~/tmp/jackmix-0.4.1$ 
salvuz at slack11-sal:~/tmp/jackmix-0.4.1$ scons
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Configuring qt4muc...
Checking if the output of 'moc -v' contains 'Qt 4.' (cached) yes
Checking if the output of 'uic -v' contains '4.' (cached) yes
Checking if the output of 'rcc -v' contains '4.' (cached) yes
Done. Will define a more or less automatic environment to do all the 
qt-specific stuff.
Checking for C header file stdio.h... yes
Checking for C++ header file iostream... yes
Checking for pkg-config (at least version 0.0.0)... yes
Checking for lash-1.0 (0.5.1 or higher)...      yes
Checking for QtXml (4.2 or higher)...   no
Checking for QtCore (4.2 or higher)...  no
Checking for jack (0.100.0 or higher)...        yes
Checking for QtGui (4.2 or higher)...   no
(At least) One of the dependencies is missing. I can't go on without it...
salvuz at slack11-sal:~/tmp/jackmix-0.4.1$

are we closer?

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