[LAU] NMI Causes Reboots (Again)

David L. Craig dlc at radix.net
Tue Jan 1 20:32:47 EST 2008

I reopened Kernel bug 5920 when I started getting NMIs again when
attempting to use MIDI (Rosegarden).  This is again because I
replaced my M-Audio Delte 1010 when it became clearly defective.
I had hoped the new card would not have this problem but it is
clearly not so.  So I'm asking the list if anybody is happily
using this card with MIDI?

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------- Comment #18 from dlc at radix.net  2008-01-01 15:55 -------
Well, I finally got an RT kernel ( functioning to support
Rosegarden only to start getting NMI 35s again with the new M-Audio Delta 1010
card.  So either two cards have the same defect or there's something about my
environment (IBM Netfinity server) that doesn't play nice with the card.  I'll
post on the LAU list to see if anybody is successfully using this card with
Rosegarden.  And I'll roll up my sleeves to see if I can isolate the catalyst
as I did before (possible now that I've finally found this report).

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