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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 2 15:36:58 EST 2008

Ken Restivo hat gesagt: // Ken Restivo wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 12:59:26AM +0100, julien lociuro wrote:
> > Here some questions that arise after some investigation.
> > 
> > 1) It is recommended to have 2 separate hard drives. One for os/programs and
> > one for audio files.
> >     Is it though necessary to have the first one, say the internal one at
> > 7200rpm, if the second one (external, USB-2) used for audio files is 7200?
> >     Problem is that most of laptops have 5400rpm for their internal drive.
> I've got only one drive and no problem. It's a 7200RPM drive-- not
> supported by my laptop BIOS. If you're going to be streaming
> recording or playing 48 tracks simultaneously, you might need
> separate drives. 

But actually then I wouldn't connect one drive over USB. IMO if you
really need two drives and record that many tracks, you need a small
real computer like a Mini-ITX, but not a laptop.
> If you won't be gaming, don't worry about it. I picked my laptop
> specifically because it has the INTEL video chipset-- probably the
> worst-performing crap out there, but at the time it was the only one
> open and free and supported in Linux with Free Software drivers, and
> that is very important to me.  My computer isn't just my instrument
> and studio and communications device, and life, really, but it is
> also a political statement for me. I haven't yet seen an audio app
> that requires proprietary 3D video acceleration, for example, so I
> wasn't missing much. 

I second that. If you're on the lookout for a pure audio laptop, but
one with an Intel gfx card. (I even do 3D with Pd/Gem on it, but I
only need to display some lines, cubes and spheres for my work.)
> One very nice thing about Macs in general is that they're little
> more than trendy-looking hardware copy-protection dongles for OSX,
> so they retain their value very, very well. 

Wonderful! If I had signature quotes in my mails, this would go into
it!! ;)

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