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david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Jan 5 06:13:36 EST 2008

Julien Claassen wrote:
> While you're at it:
> Thoughts of the band on stage
> The Guitarist: I'll kill the engineer, I can't hear myself.

How true! My church band's guitarist has made a point of telling me that 
sound techs and engineers know nothing about sound - they never make it 
loud enough. ;-)

> The keyboarder: Wow, this pad is so incredible! I'm super!

For me, it's more like - "Turn up my monitor, I can't hear anything 
except the guitar!" (Our guitarist likes to play *really* loud.)

> The drummer: Well and now I'll use my fantastic new sonus xd200 
> super-brilliant sound crash! Ah that rocks!

My first band had two drummers in it. Get two drummers trying to 
outflash enough other ... sometimes we'd finish practice and they'd 
proceed to spend another hour or so, each trying to do outdo each other.

> The singer: Ey, the girl there up in the first row. I think, I'll have a lot 
> of fun with her.
> The bass-player: A A A A D D D D ...

Well, I remember as a bass player thinking the same kind of thoughts 
about girls in the front row as the singer above. Plus "My instrument's 
bigger than his, anyway." ;-)

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