[LAU] Resonance (i.e., bassist jokes)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Jan 6 14:04:01 EST 2008

Ok here we go again:

  There was an orchestra, who had to take a jazz-trumpet player, because their 
trumpet player was very ill. The conductor was not happy with it, knowing that 
jazz players alwasy come late and have a bad moral.
  But the first day the trumpet player arrived on time. The conductor was 
pleasantly surpirsed. The second day the trumpet player arrived togehter with 
the conductor. and he was really pleased. The third and last day before the 
concert, the trumpet player arrived even before the conductor did. And the 
conductor finally went up to him and said:
  "Well I must admit, I was very pleased. I always thought so bad of 
jazz-musicians. I'm sorry for that. You're great."
  The trumpet player replied: "ah well. No problem, but I felt I had to 
behave, because I can't make the performance tomorrow."

  Well and one - thanks to Dave P.:
Q: What is the difference between a run over trombone player and a run-over 
A: there are skid marks in front of the suirrel.
  Kindest regards

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