[LAU] Hello and configuring audio

M-.-n nostromo at arkaos.net
Tue Jan 8 05:45:05 EST 2008

Hi there,

I guess I'll first start with a little introduction... My name is Marc 
and I'm developping a small tracker targetted to the GP2x. It's based 
the interface of a very well known gameboy tracker (littlesounddj) and 
it runs quite well on a small machine like that. For ease of 
development, demo or if people also desire to make it their platform of 
choice, the tracker is also available for Windows, Mac and I decently 
got a debian build working.

I'm writing because recently I received for Xmas an azus EEE. Not a very 
powerful machine but a great little traveller for internet, coding and 
possibly... audio. I got my tracker running on it without to much 
trouble (which was to be expected since it runs fine using only one of 
the GP2x proc at 200Mhz) but I face a glitching issue on my EEE. First I 
thought it was due to the usual buffer configuration problems but then I 
realized both VLC and Audacity glitched too on playback. It's not a 
constant one.. more like here and there the audio device gets stuck (or 
some process/IRQ taking over?).

It's kind of ennoying... I still have the possibility to install XP on 
it, but I quite like the Xandros install and would like to know if 
there's any way for me to troubleshoot/configure the installation to 
provide smoother audio out. I've tried using an external usb audio 
interface and noticed the same glitches.

Any advices from the gurus ?

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