[LAU] Decent soundfonts

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Wed Jan 9 02:57:02 EST 2008

  Perhaps you still need samples, it's no problem to have good ones. But the 
problem may be good and free ones. Although in the fairly recdent discussion 
about piano-sound there were some nice ones named. If you could actually spend 
a little then look around and choose a nice giga-sample. On the linuxsampler 
homepage you'll find a demo of a piano and I can say I have the "old lady 
grand" by pmi (post musical instruments), which wasn't too expensive, even for 
me, and sounds very well. It also works nicely with the linuxsampler.
  If you still prefer electric/synth-pianos: Try ZynAddSubFX, it has a few 
electric/synthetic pianos amongst its presets. Or if you really want to get 
into it take clm (common lisp music) or csound. Perhaps even PD can do it. At 
least clm and csound have a basic piano-model. You can manipulate and edit 
your sound from those models until your fingers start bleeding and your brain 
starts burning. :-)
  Kindest regards

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